Our service plans were developed to provide easy and economical website solutions to small businesses. We rely on you to provide content, photos, and help establishing the site structure which allows us to keep the pricing reasonable. If you are in need of content creation, professional photography / graphic design, business analysis or if you have other components that are directly related to your online presence such as a CRM or LMS, our packages will more than likely not accommodate your needs. Please contact us anytime with any questions or for a custom quote.

General Website Details

Web Hut designs all “package” sites using WordPress

Web Hut will choose and utilize the premium theme that will accommodate your needs the best. If you wish to see your theme options and choose yourself, we will provide you a link to our themes. If you wish to purchase your own premium theme, additional fees may apply. The cost of purchasing a client-requested premium theme is never included in setup fees.

Web Hut will customize the selected premium theme to match company logo or literature you provide. A nonfunctional graphical proof (storyboard) will NOT be provided.

Website Images

You will need to provide us images for your site. Where appropriate, we will let you know what we recommend or we may ask you to find an image to your liking for certain areas of your site. In some cases, you will need to make a small investment in stock art. Any fees associated with image purchasing and/or licensing are not included in your website package. Please be sure to obtain all necessary licenses and rights for images you wish to use. We will not be able to assist you with copyright issues on content and images you provide. And please remember, just because it is on Google, does not mean it is free. Copyright automatically belongs to the author regardless of whether there is a copyright notice or not. It is your responsibility to make sure you have permission to use images.

WordPress Sidebars

Sidebars often contain navigation links, search bars, blog information, images, and much more. Read this article for a good explanation of WordPress Sidebars. Generally, you will have one or two areas where you can choose which sidebar to insert. The number of custom sidebars Web Hut will create for the site depends on the package and what is needed for aesthetics and functionality.

  • Basic – up to 1 sidebar
  • Premium – up to 3 sidebars
  • Business – up to 4 sidebars

This is only what the package includes. If you need more, we can develop them for a separate charge. Also, keep in mind that we are using a very popular system that has tons of online tutorials and support, so “do-it-yourselfers” can always add more on your own with minimal training. Or you can utilize some of your Team Time for additional sidebar development.

WordPress Plugins

There are often times that you or we need (or want) to install plugins which enhance the functionality or appearance of your website. The number here is important since this is the number of plugins we will continue to maintain through your monthly plan.

  • Basic – up to 5 plugins
  • Premium – up to 10 plugins
  • Business – up to 15 plugins

We will not automatically maintain any plugins that you install on your own that take you above the number included in your package. However, we have plans to accommodate most situations so you are not limited.

If you wish to have a “premium” or paid plugin, the cost is NOT included in your package and you are responsible for the initial purchase and any recurring fees for updates if applicable. As long as you are within your package limit of plugins, we will apply any updates needed.

We make every reasonable effort to ensure the plugins we choose and recommend are stable, highly rated, and actively being updated. However, because plugins are third-party additions, we cannot guarantee that the developers will continue to release updates or that updates will always be compatible. We will notify you of any issues.

Spam (yuck!)

If you are utilizing blogging or allowing comments to increase user interaction on your site, we recommend purchasing a spam tool such as CleanTalk for $10/year or Akismet for $5/month. Spam tools are not automatically included. You will be responsible for making sure any fees are paid to the third party Spam utility. If you have not reached your maximum plugins, we will implement and maintain the software through your monthly plan.

eCommerce Notes

Web Hut utilizes WooCommerce for the eCommerce package. If a different system is desired, please inform us prior to starting work as additional fees may be incurred.

We ask of you…

We’re hoping you’re going to let us slap a cute little logo or link really small at the bottom of your site and put you in our portfolio. If this is totally out of the question, no problem, just let us know!

What you get with your monthly package

Software Updates

When you enroll in one of our website design packages, you will receive crucial software updates and patches to your website. In today’s online world, this is a vital component of any website. New stuff is developed on a daily basis which continually improves the entire online experience. It is important that your website keep up as much as possible! By having us regularly update your website software and plugins, it will increase the overall longevity of your user-friendly website. Since Google and other search engines tend to frown on out of date coding, it should also help you maintain your rankings.

There are generally anywhere from 5 to 10+ updates per year, depending on how many plugins and other apps you may have. If you are not on some type of maintenance plan, you would generally have to pay per upgrade, so the value of what we offer you with our monthly packages cannot be specifically said, but we feel it is almost invaluable!

Your software updates will happen seamlessly and come out of your monthly Team Time. Most updates do not take more than 15 minutes. If there is a large upgrade that we expect will take more time, we will notify you and adjust your customized plan accordingly.

We do not notify you of individual updates, however, you can request an annual report.

Team Time

With your package, you will have some of our dedicated time every month. There are several things you can use this time for, whether it’s content updates, portfolio additions, email maintenance, or even training! Learn more about Team Time.

Website Hosting and Domain

Our website packages eliminate the need for annual hosting fees since your web hosting is included! One domain is also included in our Premium and Business Packages which eliminates another bill. We purchase all of our domains through GoDaddy and setup each account individually under your name so you always have exclusive and total access. Basic Package clients are responsible for their own domain purchase and renewals.

How Billing Works

Easy Peasy…

  1. You give us a 50% deposit (we will send you a Paypal invoice to keep things simple!)
  2. We give you a new website
  3. You give us the other 50% (another invoice here)
  4. Sign up for the recurring billing on the package you selected
  5. Voila! Your site is live!

The necessary fine print

You must create a new or use an existing PayPal account to setup the monthly charge. The monthly charge will come out of your checking account via PayPal every month on the same date you initialized the payment. Please note that you will not receive prior notification. Your monthly payment can be managed through your PayPal account. If you need assistance, please let us know.

In order to qualify for the listed website setup fee, there is a required annual commitment to the monthly package you have chosen. After your first year, you may choose to continue your maintenance package for another annual term.

If you cancel your monthly payment before the annual commitment is met, you will be billed 10% of the balance of the remaining time.

If you are in the first year, the difference between the package setup fee and the non-commitment price will also be billed.

If you choose to pay the “non-commitment” price, no monthly maintenance, support, or updates will be provided unless requested and normal fees will apply. An annual hosting invoice will be issued for Web Hut hosting customers.

Some Basic Legal Stuff

Since you will be providing all content and images AND since you have full control of everything on your website, Web Hut cannot be held legally liable for any copyright issues during or after development. Please obtain all rights and/or permissions, if needed. If you need assistance with anything, contact us.

The work we do together does not create an exclusive relationship between us. This means that we all can work with whoever we want and we have no exclusive ties to each other. If you have confidentiality concerns, we have the NDA’s, contracts, and anything else you require! Feel free to talk to us about it.

We do not warranty or guarantee anything.

Updated June 2014


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