search engine optimization (seo)

With update after update being announced by Google, it can get overwhelming and confusing to navigate through the many twists and turns of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. There are several factors that influence whether Google will be more or less likely to show your site to your customers. Whether you need an expert to help steer you on the right path or you need someone to manage the optimization, we can help! Contact us for more information.

social media

Are you unsure of how you can use social media for your business? Are you not sure what to post, tweet, comment, etc? Have you tried social media before for your business and it just hasn’t worked? With some research and creativity, we can help you develop a Social Media strategy that will work for your business.

These packages are customizable to your needs!

Social Presence
  • OBJECTIVE: to create a professional, creative, and current social media presence.
  • Custom development of social media presence on one platform of your choice.
  • High quality, custom written content in your voice.
  • Content strategically created based on your business goals and brand image.
  • 3 posts per week.
  • Quarterly Client Conference.
Social Master
  • OBJECTIVE: to manage your social media pages, grow your visibility, increase your following, drive traffic, and build connections.
  • Strategic planning to assess your business and social media goals, preferences, and target audience.
  • Regular posting (3x per week) to create a strong social media presence through increased visibility.
  • Daily outreach including proactive engagement on your platforms with your target audience.
  • Growing your social media community through increasing followers, influencers, and current and potential business partners. (15 min per day)
  • 5 posts per week.
  • Monthly Client Conference.
  • Quarterly Banner Replacement.
Social Trendsetter
  • OBJECTIVE: to enhance your social media presence and quickly reach strategic objectives.
  • Includes everything from "Master Level" plus the following:
  • Strategic targetted outreach which includes seeking out and initiating contact with potential leads for future business.
  • Faster growth through intensive engagement and increased visibility through daily posting on multiple platforms to assist in reaching your social media objectives faster.
  • Daily posts-7 per week.
  • Blog Management and Writing (600 words).
  • Video Development & Optimization.
  • Bi-Monthly Banner Replacement with Video or Branded image.
  • No Set Up Fee.