The best ingredient for better ROI from your online activities

ROI is always a hot topic with business executives. We want to make sure that whatever we are doing is going to make us money in some way. When it comes down to ROI regarding online activities such as social media and blogs – and just about EVERYTHING ELSE for that matter – we really need to look at just one thing.

Let me illustrate how this one simple rule of thumb about ROI can apply to just about anything.

I go and buy some chicken, potatoes, and beans.
ROI = $0

Gordon Ramsey buys some chicken, potatoes, and beans.
ROI = $39 – $157 Trip Advisor

What we purchased was not the determining factor in ROI. RATHER, it was the correct combination of tools and, more importantly, the person who had the knowledge and experience to use those tools to turn a profit.

So, let’s move on to how we can get the best ROI out of our blogging, social media, and other online activities, or “content marketing.”

The big question is, “Will my ROI be higher if I run my content marketing myself since I won’t be paying anyone else to do it?”

The big answer is…well, it depends.

First, we need to remember is that it does not matter how many tools, social sites, templates and programs we utilize. The person steering is what we have to focus on. This person (whether it is us or a team member) needs to have dedication, a willingness to learn, a passion for writing and engaging with readers, and a general passion for the web. These qualities are much more likely to produce successful and ever-increasing ROI. Also, even the brightest beginner will be hard-pressed to produce more successful results than a seasoned pro.

Second, it’s certainly not free to keep it in-house unless we have found a way to not pay ourselves and our team! Also, remember we have to take time to research, learn, train, AND actually do the task. So we need to incorporate that into our total ROI. Taking the time to read, join online groups, and learn what to write and post to get the most interaction will definitely pay off in the end.

Third, when we add additional tasks to ourselves or our team, something else will not get done. Is this “something else” something that generates more money than what we would pay for a pro to do our content marketing? The last thing we want is a negative ROI!

In today’s world, content marketing through blogs, social media, and other online outlets is key to online marketing – period. So in the end, it really takes time, training, and the right type of person to see really good results. The more dedication and expertise you have, whether in-house or through an outside agency, the higher your ROI.

We know it’s not easy and that’s why we’re here!